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With more concern over the content in movies and TV shows, we’re excited to tell you that, VUDU, Walmart’s movie and TV streaming service, has a solution.  VUDU’s Family Play feature, just one of their suite of family features, gives you the ability to customize what you see and hear based on your preferences!
With Family Play, you can mute or skips strong scenes of violence, language, sex and nudity, and drug use. It’s a modern solution to an age-old problem that lets you enjoy the entertainment you want with less of what you don’t.
Family Play is available on an array of Vudu’s free movies and TV as well as both rented and purchased titles. Help others know that there is an option out there – and that VUDU has it!
You can learn more about Family Play and all of the family features that VUDU offers, here.

Actor T.C. Stallings explains more in the video below:

You can learn more about Family Play and all of the family features that VUDU offers, here.

Family Play on VUDU

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Many thanks to the wonderful product team at VUDU.  ClearPlay has enjoyed supporting the Family Play feature on their streaming service, and although it is being discontinued we are grateful for the service it provided this past year.

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